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  • Cobi Design
    03 February 2015
    Cobi Design is a Melbourne & New York based design firm that specializes in Retail / Hospitality Design & Interior Design / Decoration. Established in 2008, C.D has worked nation wide for the likes of: Westfield, GPT, LendLease, Stocklands & Colonial First Estate.

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  • New Website
    18 November 2013
    All Solar Systems is proud to launch its new website. Thanks to the team at iSolutions Technology
  • New Regulations
    05 February 2012
    Registered persons are able to create additional RECs as of 10 September 2009 under the Solar Credits mechanism for eligible installations of Small Generation Units.

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    The REC Registry will be ready to accept Solar Credit RECs as of 10 September 2009. Two updated compulsory questions in the REC Registry must be completed when creating RECs for SGU installations.
    Submitting a statutory declaration for Solar Water Heaters

  • Solar Credits multiplier
    31 October 2010
    The Government announced yesterday that the reduction in the Solar Credits multiplier will be brought forward one year. This means that the rate at which your STCs are currently multiplied by will reduce from 5 to 3 for all systems installed on or after 1 July 2011.

    The STC market is significantly over supplied, with STC registrations averaging more than a million certificates per week. The 28 million target for 2011 will be readily exceeded a

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