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Residential Solar Panels Melbourne

Use the Sun’s unlimited FREE energy to provide you with lower electricity costs and a clean energy source.

When these savings are combined with government incentives, a ‘solar smart’ solar electricity system is the obvious economical choice.


  • Reduced electricity bills.
  • Protection against rising electricity costs.
  • No greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Increased value of your home or business Solar smart solution.
  • Your Own Mini Power Solar Station. The solar panels harness the Sun’s free energy to generate sustainable zero emission electricity.
  • Design and Specification, All Systems are designed and sized by All Solar Systems to specifically suit your house.
  • Easy, quick installation by licensed and Clean Energy Council accredited electricians.
  • Reliable Performance, every cell is individually inspected, strictly adhering to ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental standards .


Solar cells are made of semi-conducting materials such as silicone and convert sunlight into electricity. When sunlight is absorbed, the solar energy knocks electrons loose from their atoms, and the electrons flow through the material producing low voltage electricity.

This process of converting light (photons) to electricity (volts) is called the PHOTOVOLTAIC effect.

When the thin silicone wafers, or cells, are wired together their combined electrical output is increased. So different sized panels are produced depending on the number of cells contained therein and they are commonly sized by their output of Watts.

Because PV panels are modular and can be connected together easily, they are often referred to as ‘solar modules’. Two types are commonly used, Mono-crystalline and Poly-crystalline. Mono-crystalline cells perform better in low light conditions.

A Photovoltaic system from All Solar Systems can provide some or all of your home’s electricity needs. We install 1 kilowatt 1.5 kilowatt up to 5 kilowatt systems.

Install a solar PV system and save money whilst also doing your part for the environment.

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