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Stationary Batteries

Battery Refurbishment Innovation for a Greener world

…The Business Model of the Battery Manufacturer

"The Rational of Battery Refurbishment..."

The Battery Manufactures main target is causing the operators to re-purchases a brand new battery from the manufacturer immediately after the warranty has been expired.

The batteries industry has several issues:

  • Life expectancy for a battery is 1-4 years.
  • Battery performance fades during its operational lifetime.
  • Battery prices are relatively high.
  • Used batteries are causing a major pollution to the environment.

The main reasons for short life expectancy of batteries:

  • Sulfurization & crystallization over the lead plates.
  • Dry-out and acid and distilled water quality – The plates paste is shading to the cell's bottom and creates sediment, which causes electrical short circuits inside the battery.
  • Corrosion.
  • Swollen.

The solution

BSIhas developed a unique advance technological solution that allows extending the life expectancy of batteries while providing as good as new quality and reliability for a significantly low cost.

BSI solution consists of three main elements:

  • Coating the battery components with "BSI Additive“ fluid or Capsulate.
  • Implementing "BSI-SRS" IP charging process
  • The Process for integrating the different components

The solution

BSI Battery Additive/Capsule isa unique organic additive, developed by BSI, stored in dry capsulate or as a liquid supplement formula that affects the battery as follows:

  • Create a polymers coating over the plates, preventing the active material shading whilst increasing conductivity between them
  • Preserves the acid quality and increase conductivity quality
  • Enables full charge of the battery
  • Cleans the crystals and extends the plate's lifetime
  • Decrease daily charging duration

Success rates

  • BSI has already refurbished globally thousands of Traction & Telecom batteries.
  • None retainers!
  • 0 faults!
  • Almost 100% success rates!

S.O.W Refurbishing process

  • On-site customer selection & Receiving
  • Giving IDs & labeling to each cell
  • Clean the battery
  • Re-Check external tray & cells condition
  • Check Voltage
  • Check IR (Internal resistance)
  • Expose & Open Valves Check SG
  • Open random 1-2 cells
  • First full Cycle (Charging & Discharging 5C)
  • Charging 80% using different Sulfation volumes programs.
  • Full Open Heart Surgery Refurbishment process due BSI strict regulations.
  • Recycling Sulfuric Acid and reach SG for Optimal.
  • Performance the Battery for Max C5 on BSI SRS.
  • Renewal Tray. (Metal Box)
  • QC & Cosmetic.

Refurbishing Process

  • If OK purring BSI Capsulate and complete final charging
  • Cycling loops on special high sulfasion programing till the capacity reach above 90% then confirm result OK otherwise tag as failed.
  • Clean & Cosmetic battery
  • labeling stickers
  • Shrink packing
  • Deliver or store under standby for customer.

Green Aspects

  • Returning one of the most pollutant product on earth to the circle of work.
  • Zero waste during process.
  • Recycling the entire battery component on site: sulfuric-acid, lead connectors, separators.
  • Dramatically reducing Hydrogen gassing.
  • Reducing electricity consumption.
  • No need of drainage subsoil or sewerage.
  • Under ISO 14000, MSDS, COA, COC, EPA license.

Capacity AO 214-1 (Poznan Battery EU Lab)

Traction / Stationary batteries applications

  • Logistics electric vehicles.
  • Electric forklifts & Paletas Jack fleets
  • Underground Mines.
  • UPS base on VRLA batteries
  • PV Solar off grid applications.
  • Railways: Locomotives & Wagons.
  • Airports & Sea ports logistics fleets.
  • Golf carts

Some snaps from our deep process

First Charging

Sischarging & Purring BSI capsulate

Temporary selected and grouping area

Labeling stickers and barcode

Ready to deliver

Packing batteries to delivered

Main production data control station

BSI Myanmar & India teams

Benefits for client and End-Users

  • Being part of Green Global World revolution
  • An extremely long running savings.
  • An Opex option investment rather than Capex (Lease for first year of serviced)
  • Scrap trading option by BSI.
  • Storage option Standby for delivering. (48H pre-alert)
  • Feasibility & International proven tech.
  • High availability and extendible modular plant capacity.
  • Restoration percent: 80-100% depend of the Initial batteries conditions
  • Having same warranty as the original but with more lifespan duration

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